School Excursion 2016 – Library & Supermarket 

Based on the theme “Public Places”, Leia has a school excursion to the library and supermarket. Places we have been together but I am sure she will have a different & fun experience with her friends and Teachers. Excited about her excursion, she told her grandparents she needs to sleep early because she is going to library and supermarket the next day.

It was nice to receive excursion pictures from her teacher.

Besides learning library etiquette, the preschoolers attended a story telling session in the playhouse of Tampines library. At 11.30am, I received an email notification from national library. Leia had borrowed two books.

 I saw pictures of Leia & her friends at  wet market as well as shengsiong supermarket.

When she returned from school, we began to interview her. She shared her experience & learnt the colour of fresh seafood.

Leia will be having another excursion soon & visiting the play, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” in March with her school.

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