CMA & Spelling 

Sunday is a time for rest, a time relaxation and family. For Leia, she has her 1.5hr abacus class at CMA. It is the only enrichment she has and she loves it. There is abacus homework and.. so long as I am beside her, she will finish her homework with smiles.

For every completed homework & good behaviour in class, Leia will receive stamps on her reward chart. She has redeemed a lego toy and currently, she is close to another redemption for toy or stationary.

After we were done with abacus homework, Leia reminded me of her spelling. And I went .. “oh no… Spelling!” We went to her playroom and I asked her to spell the words on her own.

 Out of 10 words, she managed to spell 8 words on her own with the use of phonics.  Then I asked her to circle the correct words.

Ironically, she is better at spelling compared to reading. As we were rushing for CMA class, our revision for spelling test only took us 10 minutes. Evening time, Bret revised with her. She was confused with two words.

The night before her test, the 5 yr old actually took out her practice book for spelling and revised on her own. No one told her to and we were delighted by her initiative to revise.

Tuesday was her spelling test and she had gotten 10/10 for the 5th time. I am pretty amazed with Leia’s positive attitude towards spelling test, in fact she sees spelling as a game to challenge herself.

Well done, Leia!

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