Little Companion, Leo 

One of the first thing we do when we wake up, is to look at bunny Leo. Mil will let him out in the morning, Bret & Leia will baby talk to him too. I will make sure he has his daily vitamins, pellets & enough hay before I leave home. When I’m out, I would think of bunny and try to return home early as I am worried he might be bored. 

These days when we reached home, he will greet us at his cage and most of the time, lick us with his tiny tongue before hopping around the living room. Bunny Leo likes his cage cleaned. Thankfully we have a helper now to clean his cage every two days.  


Yesterday I wanted to rest on my bed so I brought Bunny Leo to my room. New environment, he prefers to stay in his open cage until Leia returned home.  


My little girl likes to look at him at his eye level. Leia was amused when he licked her forehead before hopping towards Leia lap. A baby bunny & 5 yr old. They like to play with each other. As Leia has a Cousin sleepover at big aunt’s place, they only played for a while. 

After fetching Leia to meet mil at big aunts place. Bret and I returned home. He had a mahjong session with his friends at our place. Bunny Leo accompanied me in the bedroom. I carried him to my bed. He loves the cotton texture, tried to hop all over the bed but I said “No” firmly and he curled up like a fuzzy ball, Super cute.  


Even though Bret was playing mahjong, he would check on us during his break intervals like topping up hay and baby talk to bunny Leo. He happily carried bunny Leo out to show his friends too. Pretty much like a newborn Father somehow. 

Once a month we will bring bunny Leo for grooming. I have booked a grooming session with Rabbit Hq next weekend. As a member, the grooming service is $30 instead of $35. Grooming includes powder bath, nails trimming, cleaning of ears and health check up. 

Will be our first experience to bring bunny Leo for grooming. 

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