Leo, our Netherlands Dwarf

2 weeks ago, we bought a baby Netherlands dwarf rabbit from Rabbit Hq at Pasir Ris Farmway. Accompanied by my good Friend KT & his wife, Jaq. The couple have a 10yr old rabbit and recommended Rabbit Hq for dwarf rabbit. 

At the beginning, Bret was hesitant about having a pet but his heart melted as he held the bunny in his hands. We only had two choices for baby Netherlands dwarf. Decided on the chestnut bunny with gentle temperament. According to Rabbit Hq, his lineage is American and collection can only be after baby rabbit turns 8 weeks old. Baby bunny is still wheaning on his mother’s milk.   


One week wait was finally over, we were so looking forward to collect our fully groomed bunny, Bret started baby talking to him as Rabbit Hq went through the ownership agreement. We listened to the important advice on taking care of baby bunny. At first meeting, Leia displayed overwhelming love for bunny. 

Final prep before we can bring bunny home. Leia can’t wait. She asked “why the Uncle took away out Bunny?”   

We bought a carrier from Rabbit Hq so we can carry bunny home. Then we were on the way to meet Bret’s Friend Kevin who helped us with setting up the cage for bunny. Lots of tips from him too. Kevin’s Netherlands dwarf is 3 years old and his Best Friend Alex was a pro rabbit breeder. Suddenly… we are good friends with bunny lovers. 

Reached home, Leia was super excited and she couldn’t keep her little hands off bunny.  

When cage was ready, it took bunny a while to explore his new home. Having the nature of a prey, he was shivering most of the time and prefered to hide and stay away from us.  

First night, I received a follow up call & email from Dylan of Rabbit Hq regarding essential information on baby dwarf rabbit. Thankful. To help our bunny settle down in new place, I googled on how to interact with rabbit better. Learnt that by hand feeding him, he will associate us with good. Day after day, our relationship with bunny deepened and on a daily basis we discovered something new about our little bunny. 

Currently his daily diet is 80% Timothy Hay 20% Alfafa Hay(his fav). Also we need to feed him Vitamin C & Papaya Digest one pill a day. Baby bunny needs lots of protein and supplements to build up his digestive & immune system. 

We received his birthcert from our mailbox. Truly our baby. 


Took bunny 2 days to toilet train at his yellow litter box. Grandparents were amused. We realised rabbits are intelligent, clean furry animals and you will know when you live with one. 


Bunny is now 10 weeks old and I didn’t name him until today as I couldn’t think of the right name. I wanted to observe his personality before naming him… For 2 weeks, we would call him Good Boy and the grandmothers called him “Heng Heng” which means “lucky” in Hokkien. Leia likes to call him Heng Heng. 

After 2 weeks of observation, I noticed his adventurous personality and decided … Leo!  

Leo is officially the Best Friend of Leia now. He likes to hang out with Leia and knows who to go to for different purposes. 

He goes to Leia for play, he comes to me for food & comfort and finds Bret the moment he returned from work or when our little girl annoys Leo because daddy will scold her. Leo won the grandparents heart with his initiatives & cuteness too.

KT told me his bunny watches tv. Friday evening Leia showed Leo a YouTube video and his eyes were on the screen throughout. They were watching Rapunzel.  
A strange discovery, Leo’s like the new age children, drawn to tech gadgets such as ipad, iphone, imac air and tv remote control. After watching show together, Leo became very attached to Leia. He followed her wherever she goes except new boundary. Leo wil only roam around the living room where he is familiar. 

Today Leia had to complete her abacus assignments and Leo waited till he dozed off.   

He was so delighted to see Leia near his cage. 

 She began to play with him and he listened to her instructions. He seems to understand “Come here”, “No” and “Up”. Although rabbits can’t bark etc…they are very expressive with body languages.  Lick means I like you. Deliberately face away means angry.  

On her own, Leia calls herself “Jie Jie” (Sister in Chinese) when she interacts with Leo. She can be very loving at the same time, stern to discipline him too.    

We have a preview of Leia being a Sister towards having a baby Brother. 


Bret and I would make time to bond with Leo every day & night. Before we are out or lights off, we always make sure there’s enough hay for bunny. Our routine changed as we experienced greater level of happiness. 

And though Dwarf Rabbit was in my wish list since I was a kid, I never wanted so much until I was four months pregnant. A strong instinct tells me baby likes bunny so much I must have Leo.

Having our bunny from Rabbit Hq was assuring given their established reputation. Committed to breeding show quality standard rabbits, friendly and professional in providing advice on bunny care. Glad to have our dwarf rabbit from Rabbit Hq …especially after days with Leo 🙂 

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