Shopping Day 

Saturday, our preferred family day out. We were out early with mil. Had lunch and waited for mil to finish her business appointment at office before we start shopping.

When it comes to cny  shopping, I like Vivo City because of the varieties of retailers. Mil was pleased to find fashion store, temt. With a growing baby belly, I have limited choices. Bret and I managed to get a top from AX at 60% off. As for the little girl, we went Mango & Zara didn’t find any suitable size for her.

Time for dinner … We went Akashi as little girl loves Tamago Sushi. I ordered Seared Foie Gras Sushi. There is this melt in the mouth sensation along with the premium taste. My kind of happy meal.

Didn’t take long for our table to be filled with dinner sets. We ordered the chawanmushi $8 … Didn’t taste any better and was pretty bland. Overall, food tastes alright. Bret ate plenty of water melon and he was so full he can’t think anymore. Lol

After dinner, Mil continued her shopping spree and found herself a new pair of shoes. Then we went to Tangs to get new set of bed sheet, comforter and a tiger brand thermal cup for myself. There was 12% rebate for tangs member till 7 Feb 2015. Quite a good deal for our purchase. It is a day Bret spent much on all of us.

Everyone went home with something new in the shopping bag. When little girl asked for chocolate ice cream, we gave into her. She was happiest as she indulged in her favourite dessert.

Been a while since we shopped as a family. Reached home around 9pm and we felt so tired. At 20s, we can stay out late but as parents we can’t wait to be home and relax…

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