Tong Heng Egg Tart

Once a month on a Wednesday morning, Bret takes leave as we have a date with our baby at gynae clinic. Currently at 19 weeks, baby has doubled in weight. Dr Heng says baby does not have small eyes… has fat tummy lol. We saw baby has long legs like daddy.

As festive was round the corner, Bret wanted to tailor his shirts and pants at Machperson. Its a yearly affair for him. After we were done, I asked if we can get Tong Heng egg tarts. His reply was, “Sure!”

Picture taken from Tong Heng Instagram


Tong Heng, one of the oldest traditional confectionary in Singapore. For days, I have been craving for the diamond-shaped egg tarts. In fact, its been more than a year since I had Tong Heng Egg Tart. I still remembered the first time I had their egg tart, I told myself “Definitely best egg tart in Singapore.” The custard was perfect and the tart smelled heavenly.

Egg Tart $1.60 each

This time, I bought other traditional pastries as such 老婆饼, 年糕. When I had a bite of the egg tart, the taste was different from my first impression. Less aromatic too.

Could be my pregnancy taste bud …

Short Clip of Tong Heng CNY Film 2015

Facebook Tong Heng

Tel: 6223 3649

Add: 285 South Bridge Road

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