Spelling … 

This year we have a new routine on weekend because at K2 Grade she has English Spelling Test every Tues and Chinese Spelling Test every Thurs. Setting aside 30mins on weekend, Bret and I gave our best to prepare her by using the whiteboard. When she is ready, we test her.

Our effort was rewarded. Came as a great surprise to us knowing she scored full marks for her first test! A milestone achievement. Subsequent spelling tests have been very positive 10/10. Having a whiteboard at home makes learning fun. After our “class” she will pretend to be a teacher writing on the board.

Certainly, teaching Leia academic is not my favourite parenting activity but well… we just have to do it together. Glad that Bret is with me, we would take turns to teach her.

  • Estimated Duration 30mins on Sat/Sun
  • Start by letting Leia spell some words on her own at the whiteboard


  •  Introduce words she had not seen before by explaining the meaning
  • Ask Leia to form sentences with words
  • Identify similar words and find the differences


  • Finally, Spelling

I try to keep spelling preparation short and sweet.

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