Preparing Confinement 

Friday evening, a consultant from Pem Confinement came over to brief the responsibilities of nanny services, things to note and collect deposit. The confinement agency is more than 30 years old, I like the professional protocol and available optional service such as herbal package & post-natal massage.

I did not do any research for confinement nanny agency. All I did was share my intention with few good friends and was recommended a nanny. I believe in words of mouth from people I know. Caiyan told me she has one in mind so I went to Pem and requested for the nanny. Otherwise, you can visit Pem Confinement Facebook to view pictures and reviews of their clients.

For appointed nanny, I need to pay an additional of $200. Even so, the total cost of engaging nanny through an agency is cheaper compared to freelance market rate $2500-3000.

After going through the optional services in details, I decided to settle for all. The massage offer was reasonably priced and attractive. I signed up 10 sessions and there is a free session. Comes with baby massage tutorial and corset for post-natal shaping.

The herbal package $390 includes 28 days of red dates drink, varieties of herbal soup for nourishment as well as herbal bath.

Now, I’m confinement ready. Countdown to May/Jun.

Offical Website: Pem Confinement 

Facebook Pem Confinement

Tel: 62939249


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