Change of Mind

Entering 2nd trimester, I observed hormones changes like dry skin and cravings for sweet drinks. Once in a while I felt the invincible kick from baby. My appetite increased slightly and is usually better in the evening. Bret is still very cautious about what I eat and do. There was once where I had headache during wee hours. He gave me a rub and remindedwarned me not to take panadol pills. The thought of panadol did crossed my mind as the pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep and pretty desperate. So I prayed to God for help and shortly after, the pain subsided I could finally sleep.

Not only did I experience physical changes, I had a change of mind too.

For asian new mothers, we have a confinement period where we are “confined” at home to rest and recuperate for 28 to 40 days after birth. During this period, we have a restricted diet for our meals accompanied with other confinement traditional rules.”

My mum helped me to prepare confinement meals during first pregnancy however she prefers that I engage a confinement nanny for this pregnancy.

In the first trimester, I didn’t see the need for confinement nanny as I have a helper at home and my mum can cook. However… just few days ago my mindset changed. I was firm on getting a confinement nanny and started asking two of my friends for recommended nanny.  Vbff Caiyan helped me end my search for a good nanny and I know I can count on her recommendation. The price was acceptable and I have contacted the confinement agency. A consultant will be coming to my place this friday to explain in details as well as collect deposit.

Hopefully I will have a peaceful and pleasant confinement.

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