Friendship is Magic

Since young, I’ve had the opportunity to mingle and socialise with peers. The first group of friends definitely have to be cousins. And then my own siblings followed by friends I met in school. Because of my chosen career, I developed strong, lasting friendships even after becoming a mother. However, there will always be just a selected few whom I turn to for my nitty gritty, intimate thoughts.

Last week, Best Friend B took half day leave to accompany me and we had a beefy day. We ended our night with yummy mookata ordering countless plates of beef. Because of pregnancy, I can’t take cold drinks… Best Friend B initiated to drink without ice. She didn’t have to but that’s the thoughtful best friend I am blessed with.

My beautiful Caiyan… we would whatsapp each other and chat about our thoughts on anything under the sun. She is smart I can count on her recommendation or opinions when I am in a dilemma. Like looking for confinement nanny or bags. Love that our friendship is going strong with random and night wechat.

Alas, I met my lovely Mrs Ho. Its been so long since we met in person. Nevertheless, we get frequent updates from our social media. Every meeting with the young-looking mother of two is never enough. Within 2 hours, we try to squeeze in as much catching up topics as possible. Till we meet again for a steamboat reunion with our angel H.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You, too? Thought I was the only one.” – C W Lewis

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