An Annoucement for 2016

Bret has been waiting to be a father again and we waited for quite a while. We believe God has plans for us. Be patient and grateful and everything will come to you at the perfect timing. Alas… October 2015 we found out Leia is going to be a big sister this coming May/June.

digital kit

Bret was overjoyed and our routine have changed much. He is cautious about what I do and eat/drink.

Eve of christmas 2015, Bret and I decided to have a Gender Reveal Moment with our family & friends for our 2nd pregnancy. Special thanks to Best Friend B for the last minute bake. When I first told her about the idea, she encouraged me to proceed. On 23rd Dec 2015, our gynae Dr Heng was ready to share with us the gender of our baby. I asked our spontaneous gynae to write the answer down on a sealed paper so… even Bret and I will not know the gender. I gave the sealed answer to Best Friend B who helped to bake a beautiful, meaningful cake.

We welcome the christmas eve with festive spread. On the table, we had chicken wings, prime ribs, honey baked ham, mushrooms, cocktail sausages and more. Mil prepared christmas door gifts for little children and our guests brought log cakes and presents.


Gender Reveal Party is new to many. Everyone except Bret & myself made a guess by writing their name on either Pink or Blue slip. To add some excitement and fun, we prepared a Gift Voucher for our lucky dip winner.


After the hearty dinner, our guests gathered with camera on video and picture mode standby. And …. we saw Blue Pearls!


Cousin Colin announced, “Its a…. BOY!”


Leia picked a lucky draw winner from blue slips and the winner was Grandma Audrey. My mum have been hoping for a grandson and her wish came true.

Heartfelt gratitude to my dearest B and Blessing from God.

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