Playroom Storage

Putting a smile on Leia’s face is something I love to do. And she loves toys. For the past few months, Bret and I bought several collection sets from Lego Friends. Its fun to do but we didn’t want to dismantle our hard work. Else, I would use ziplock bags for lego collection storage.

Other than Lego, Leia likes to fix puzzles too. In her playroom, there are more toys such as Mother Garden Kitchen and Doll House but she hardly plays them now. Each time she has a birthday party or festive season, the little girl gets new toys. In just two years, her toys has taken up much floor space and the stacks of lego or toys in their boxes looked like mess.

Just yesterday, I was determined to organise her playroom for good. So today I went ikea with my parents and a helper. Bought the Trofast Storage to organise her lego, puzzles and toys. The bins look really promising for toy storage solutions.

Currently, our helper is fixing the Trofast and Leia is on her way home from school.

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