Facial at home with Aesthetic Mobile

Ever since I bought Clarisonic, I stopped going to facial salon. Although the cleanser keeps my facial surface clean, it did not help in removing blackheads. In fact, blackheads are accumulating and I needed an SOS. Instead of utilising the package I have with Estetica, I decided to try my luck to find house call beautician. I have tried home massage but facial is first time.

Through google search, I managed to find Aesthetic Mobile. I saw positive reviews and decided to text the contact no. for a facial appointment. I booked a morning appointment and Sammie, the therapist reached early to set up. She was very thoughtful and sincere.

In my bedroom, I switched on the aircon with the curtain drawn down. Sammie turned on soothing music from mobile phone to create relaxing, spa ambience. The facial session began…with essential oil light massage and soon…my skin was pampered with generous amount of massage and nice Korean skin care products. I was introduced hydro diamond peel, which is suitable for pregnant women. The tiny diamond scrubs the dullish skin away leaving smooth and hydrated face. Something new, Diamond Mist was sprayed onto my skin. Extraction was a breeze too, she managed to remove the oil clogs without me tearing. In fact, I didn’t feel much pain. She tried her best to be quick so as to minimise the discomfort.

Having sensitive skin type, Sammie suggests I use cold water to wash my face. Also, she recommended adding hydrating ampoule to my facial session. I went ahead because her useful advice and skilful hands have won me over. I was pleased with my decision as the experienced therapist patiently uses an electronic device to stimulate and infuse the ampoule into my face. Therapeutic and beneficial for my skin.

While I was enjoying the facial treatment at the comfort of my house, baby was kicking actively in my stomach. Was he as happy as mummy? Sure is.

Professional, knowledgeable and very attentive, Sammie is different from retail beautician. The reason she switched to mobile services is because retail beauty salon requires the beauticians and consultants to constantly upsell products or package. They have a sales target and their stress turned customers relaxation into uneasiness.

Sammie has a partner named Jess and they do facial for couples and ladies only. They have received requests for spa parties as well. Besides facial, they also do nails.

Aesthetic Mobile Website

Facebook Aesthetic Mobile

All in all, I had a wonderful experience and look forward to next session in three weeks time.

Shopping Day 

Saturday, our preferred family day out. We were out early with mil. Had lunch and waited for mil to finish her business appointment at office before we start shopping.

When it comes to cny  shopping, I like Vivo City because of the varieties of retailers. Mil was pleased to find fashion store, temt. With a growing baby belly, I have limited choices. Bret and I managed to get a top from AX at 60% off. As for the little girl, we went Mango & Zara didn’t find any suitable size for her.

Time for dinner … We went Akashi as little girl loves Tamago Sushi. I ordered Seared Foie Gras Sushi. There is this melt in the mouth sensation along with the premium taste. My kind of happy meal.

Didn’t take long for our table to be filled with dinner sets. We ordered the chawanmushi $8 … Didn’t taste any better and was pretty bland. Overall, food tastes alright. Bret ate plenty of water melon and he was so full he can’t think anymore. Lol

After dinner, Mil continued her shopping spree and found herself a new pair of shoes. Then we went to Tangs to get new set of bed sheet, comforter and a tiger brand thermal cup for myself. There was 12% rebate for tangs member till 7 Feb 2015. Quite a good deal for our purchase. It is a day Bret spent much on all of us.

Everyone went home with something new in the shopping bag. When little girl asked for chocolate ice cream, we gave into her. She was happiest as she indulged in her favourite dessert.

Been a while since we shopped as a family. Reached home around 9pm and we felt so tired. At 20s, we can stay out late but as parents we can’t wait to be home and relax…

Tong Heng Egg Tart

Once a month on a Wednesday morning, Bret takes leave as we have a date with our baby at gynae clinic. Currently at 19 weeks, baby has doubled in weight. Dr Heng says baby does not have small eyes… has fat tummy lol. We saw baby has long legs like daddy.

As festive was round the corner, Bret wanted to tailor his shirts and pants at Machperson. Its a yearly affair for him. After we were done, I asked if we can get Tong Heng egg tarts. His reply was, “Sure!”

Picture taken from Tong Heng Instagram


Tong Heng, one of the oldest traditional confectionary in Singapore. For days, I have been craving for the diamond-shaped egg tarts. In fact, its been more than a year since I had Tong Heng Egg Tart. I still remembered the first time I had their egg tart, I told myself “Definitely best egg tart in Singapore.” The custard was perfect and the tart smelled heavenly.

Egg Tart $1.60 each

This time, I bought other traditional pastries as such 老婆饼, 年糕. When I had a bite of the egg tart, the taste was different from my first impression. Less aromatic too.

Could be my pregnancy taste bud …

Short Clip of Tong Heng CNY Film 2015

Facebook Tong Heng

Tel: 6223 3649

Add: 285 South Bridge Road

Spelling … 

This year we have a new routine on weekend because at K2 Grade she has English Spelling Test every Tues and Chinese Spelling Test every Thurs. Setting aside 30mins on weekend, Bret and I gave our best to prepare her by using the whiteboard. When she is ready, we test her.

Our effort was rewarded. Came as a great surprise to us knowing she scored full marks for her first test! A milestone achievement. Subsequent spelling tests have been very positive 10/10. Having a whiteboard at home makes learning fun. After our “class” she will pretend to be a teacher writing on the board.

Certainly, teaching Leia academic is not my favourite parenting activity but well… we just have to do it together. Glad that Bret is with me, we would take turns to teach her.

  • Estimated Duration 30mins on Sat/Sun
  • Start by letting Leia spell some words on her own at the whiteboard


  •  Introduce words she had not seen before by explaining the meaning
  • Ask Leia to form sentences with words
  • Identify similar words and find the differences


  • Finally, Spelling

I try to keep spelling preparation short and sweet.

Preparing Confinement 

Friday evening, a consultant from Pem Confinement came over to brief the responsibilities of nanny services, things to note and collect deposit. The confinement agency is more than 30 years old, I like the professional protocol and available optional service such as herbal package & post-natal massage.

I did not do any research for confinement nanny agency. All I did was share my intention with few good friends and was recommended a nanny. I believe in words of mouth from people I know. Caiyan told me she has one in mind so I went to Pem and requested for the nanny. Otherwise, you can visit Pem Confinement Facebook to view pictures and reviews of their clients.

For appointed nanny, I need to pay an additional of $200. Even so, the total cost of engaging nanny through an agency is cheaper compared to freelance market rate $2500-3000.

After going through the optional services in details, I decided to settle for all. The massage offer was reasonably priced and attractive. I signed up 10 sessions and there is a free session. Comes with baby massage tutorial and corset for post-natal shaping.

The herbal package $390 includes 28 days of red dates drink, varieties of herbal soup for nourishment as well as herbal bath.

Now, I’m confinement ready. Countdown to May/Jun.

Offical Website: Pem Confinement 

Facebook Pem Confinement

Tel: 62939249

Email: sales@pemconfinement.com

Dolly Look with Eyelash Extension

Being pregnant, dolling & dressing up is my least priority. My sense of smell magnified and interrupted my daily routine. Sulwhasoo BB cushion comes with herbal scent and I couldn’t handle the smell. Currently I am using fragrance-free skincare and cosmetic products. For moisturiser, I turned to Cetaphil face & body lotion. Works really well for dry skin. 

To look fresh & presentable for coming cny, I did eyelash extension. And through words of mouth, I found a skilful therapist Gina at Mischievous Beauty, level four at Far East Plaza. Only took her 20mins to complete my lashes. Not my usual natural eyelash look, very dolly in person. For the speed and skills, I will return. 

In this pic, I am only wearing tinted moisturiser for my base and naked lips.  


With the lashes, I don’t look as tired and pale. Make up removal was an ease too. Gonna book an appointment near cny. 

Change of Mind

Entering 2nd trimester, I observed hormones changes like dry skin and cravings for sweet drinks. Once in a while I felt the invincible kick from baby. My appetite increased slightly and is usually better in the evening. Bret is still very cautious about what I eat and do. There was once where I had headache during wee hours. He gave me a rub and remindedwarned me not to take panadol pills. The thought of panadol did crossed my mind as the pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep and pretty desperate. So I prayed to God for help and shortly after, the pain subsided I could finally sleep.

Not only did I experience physical changes, I had a change of mind too.

For asian new mothers, we have a confinement period where we are “confined” at home to rest and recuperate for 28 to 40 days after birth. During this period, we have a restricted diet for our meals accompanied with other confinement traditional rules.”

My mum helped me to prepare confinement meals during first pregnancy however she prefers that I engage a confinement nanny for this pregnancy.

In the first trimester, I didn’t see the need for confinement nanny as I have a helper at home and my mum can cook. However… just few days ago my mindset changed. I was firm on getting a confinement nanny and started asking two of my friends for recommended nanny.  Vbff Caiyan helped me end my search for a good nanny and I know I can count on her recommendation. The price was acceptable and I have contacted the confinement agency. A consultant will be coming to my place this friday to explain in details as well as collect deposit.

Hopefully I will have a peaceful and pleasant confinement.