The Good Dinosaur

We have not been watching movie until Leia mentioned the goodgreen dinosaur. I asked if its a movie and she told us, “Yes! My friend has a book about the green Dinosaur.” Bret showed interest as he likes to watch movie with Leia and for the first time, I was craving for popcorn. Hubby watched the trailer on youtube, decided to watch “The Good Dinosaur” on Saturday.

And so, we did. The cinema was filled with parents and children.

As we watched the movie, Leia whispered into my ear, revealing the plot in the next scene and some highlights like “the family sticks”. She had read her friend’s story book and I had to be firm telling her to focus on the screen. She gave in. At some point, I was moved to tears.

When the movie ended, we walked out and I told Bret I enjoyed the show.

Poppa Dinosaur: “You are me, and more.”

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