Leia in School Concert 2015

Before Leia graduates officially from Kindergarten 1, Bret and I get to watch her year-end concert. With her friends, she had been rehearsing for weeks and she tipped us about her role as a pirate. The day before her concert, we were given concert costume and I made sure the battery for my canon G12 was charged.

Parents had to wake up early on this big day and Bret set the alarm. The next morning at 6am, Bret woke up first followed by myself and then Leia. In parent’s note, apply baby powder on Leia’s face and bring along a tumbler.


Leia was to reach school at 7am for make up and pre-briefing. Bret and I made our way to the concert venue. This year, his friend Mark and wife joined us. Their lovely daughter joined the centre in early 2015. At the venue, we received a framed picture of our little girl as door gift. A thoughtful gesture from the centre. Best of all, this year the concert is 2 hours instead of the usual 4 hours.

The concert play was in english and mandarin. Backdrops were beautifully created by the teachers.


Mark’s daughter was a mermaid and the song “Under the Sea”. So beautiful 🙂


Here is Leia’s class performance. My 5 yr old is on the extreme right in her pirate dance.

Due to lighting, my camera didn’t get to capture a clear video. She is so focus in her role. We always see a different Leia on stage..at home, she is so cheeky and playful.

Shevon and her classmates played Red Indian. The 4 yr old was really hyper and passionate during her performance.


Towards the end, all the children gathered and sang “Jingle Bell” together.


Finale video of Leia playing with her friends on stage.

Thankful for the hardwork and relentless effort from the school to prepare a splendid performance for year-end concert.

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