His Junior & Country Club

At work, Bret hangs out with a colleague who is 6 yrs his junior. He told me his colleague, Kevin is different from peers of his age. More mature and sensible. When I met Kevin for the first time, I agreed instantly. Although much younger than us, he is very humble and sincere as a person. He introduced his secondary buddy, Alex to us. Another wise young boy. In many ways, Alex reminds me of my youngest brother. Given the right opportunity and time, he will be successful in future.

The boys like to drink japanese whiskey and have dinner at different country clubs. Last week, he brought us to Seletar Country Club. On the way to the venue, my empty stomach was desperate for food. Of all time, we were in the midst of heavy downpour accompanied with slight traffic jam. When we finally reached, Kevin introduced Tavern within the country club. View of green and lake was wonderful and the food menu suits my tastebuds. I decided to try out the highly reccomended Chicken Chop and Soup of the day. Food was really good.

Kevin’s father was around too and we could see his outgoing father having time of his life with big group of friends. Successful & young at heart, they were businessmen and businesswomen in golf wear. Kevin shared with us his life experience growing up at country clubs enjoying the facilities. Something new for Bret and myself. Years ago, I have taken golf lessons but its really not my thing. And for Bret, he prefers active sport.

During dinner and drinks, Kevin told me Bret is very mushy and frequently talks to his colleagues about me. Then Bret and I began to talk about our crazy, hilarious moment during our marathon courtship before marriage. The boys were laughing out loud. We also shared about the inevitable bitter times and how we overcame the challenges as a couple together. Kevin and Alex thought ours was fairytale love story.

In my opinion, fairytale is too good to be true. Bret and I are together because we are too comfortable with each other and have changed ourselves over time to make our life together better. Most importantly, we see ourselves spending a lifetime together.

After dinner, we went to the karoke room with a stage and my dear hubby sang his heart out.

An unexpected night for delicious food and fun night.

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