The Line with Secretaries

Last week, I had a festive dinner date with my office secretaries, Pauline and Jasmine. My christmas treat for the two great ladies. They have helped me a lot and their selfless sharing of success stories inspired me to reach a milestone in my financial planning career. I booked The Line, Shangri-la Festive Buffet.

There was free flow red wine, seafood grill and awesome variety of international cuisine. Although my poor appetite, I was happy to see my dear colleagues enjoying the festive feast. Despite the wide selections of buffet, the quality was not compromised.

Seeing the christmas log cakes on the dessert glass shelves filled our hearts joy.

I was really pleased with my choice.

It’s the season of giving and I just feel happier when I bring happiness to others.

Lego Friends: Grand Hotel

In the beginning of December, Bret and I entered holiday mood. Its the month of Christmas and I told him its time to get Grand Hotel Lego Friends.

We wanted to get from Toy Hunt but in the end, I found a good deal from Carousell. Brand new and we get to save $49. The seller was a great mommy too.

Leia was so excited and eager to unbox her lego hotel. Its our biggest lego friends set by far. We managed to complete within a day.

Bret insisted we get lego base for her collections and we did.

His Junior & Country Club

At work, Bret hangs out with a colleague who is 6 yrs his junior. He told me his colleague, Kevin is different from peers of his age. More mature and sensible. When I met Kevin for the first time, I agreed instantly. Although much younger than us, he is very humble and sincere as a person. He introduced his secondary buddy, Alex to us. Another wise young boy. In many ways, Alex reminds me of my youngest brother. Given the right opportunity and time, he will be successful in future.

The boys like to drink japanese whiskey and have dinner at different country clubs. Last week, he brought us to Seletar Country Club. On the way to the venue, my empty stomach was desperate for food. Of all time, we were in the midst of heavy downpour accompanied with slight traffic jam. When we finally reached, Kevin introduced Tavern within the country club. View of green and lake was wonderful and the food menu suits my tastebuds. I decided to try out the highly reccomended Chicken Chop and Soup of the day. Food was really good.

Kevin’s father was around too and we could see his outgoing father having time of his life with big group of friends. Successful & young at heart, they were businessmen and businesswomen in golf wear. Kevin shared with us his life experience growing up at country clubs enjoying the facilities. Something new for Bret and myself. Years ago, I have taken golf lessons but its really not my thing. And for Bret, he prefers active sport.

During dinner and drinks, Kevin told me Bret is very mushy and frequently talks to his colleagues about me. Then Bret and I began to talk about our crazy, hilarious moment during our marathon courtship before marriage. The boys were laughing out loud. We also shared about the inevitable bitter times and how we overcame the challenges as a couple together. Kevin and Alex thought ours was fairytale love story.

In my opinion, fairytale is too good to be true. Bret and I are together because we are too comfortable with each other and have changed ourselves over time to make our life together better. Most importantly, we see ourselves spending a lifetime together.

After dinner, we went to the karoke room with a stage and my dear hubby sang his heart out.

An unexpected night for delicious food and fun night.

Leia in School Concert 2015

Before Leia graduates officially from Kindergarten 1, Bret and I get to watch her year-end concert. With her friends, she had been rehearsing for weeks and she tipped us about her role as a pirate. The day before her concert, we were given concert costume and I made sure the battery for my canon G12 was charged.

Parents had to wake up early on this big day and Bret set the alarm. The next morning at 6am, Bret woke up first followed by myself and then Leia. In parent’s note, apply baby powder on Leia’s face and bring along a tumbler.


Leia was to reach school at 7am for make up and pre-briefing. Bret and I made our way to the concert venue. This year, his friend Mark and wife joined us. Their lovely daughter joined the centre in early 2015. At the venue, we received a framed picture of our little girl as door gift. A thoughtful gesture from the centre. Best of all, this year the concert is 2 hours instead of the usual 4 hours.

The concert play was in english and mandarin. Backdrops were beautifully created by the teachers.


Mark’s daughter was a mermaid and the song “Under the Sea”. So beautiful 🙂


Here is Leia’s class performance. My 5 yr old is on the extreme right in her pirate dance.

Due to lighting, my camera didn’t get to capture a clear video. She is so focus in her role. We always see a different Leia on home, she is so cheeky and playful.

Shevon and her classmates played Red Indian. The 4 yr old was really hyper and passionate during her performance.


Towards the end, all the children gathered and sang “Jingle Bell” together.


Finale video of Leia playing with her friends on stage.

Thankful for the hardwork and relentless effort from the school to prepare a splendid performance for year-end concert.

The Good Dinosaur

We have not been watching movie until Leia mentioned the goodgreen dinosaur. I asked if its a movie and she told us, “Yes! My friend has a book about the green Dinosaur.” Bret showed interest as he likes to watch movie with Leia and for the first time, I was craving for popcorn. Hubby watched the trailer on youtube, decided to watch “The Good Dinosaur” on Saturday.

And so, we did. The cinema was filled with parents and children.

As we watched the movie, Leia whispered into my ear, revealing the plot in the next scene and some highlights like “the family sticks”. She had read her friend’s story book and I had to be firm telling her to focus on the screen. She gave in. At some point, I was moved to tears.

When the movie ended, we walked out and I told Bret I enjoyed the show.

Poppa Dinosaur: “You are me, and more.”

Food for Thoughts

Haven’t been blogging as I was busy with the closing of my company financial year in November as well as hiring new staff for our business. I still bring my parents out for lunch treats every now and then whenever I accomplished an achievement in my career.

Surprised my folks with a treat to Thai Village at Kallang Stadium, they were more than happy. Another week, I brought them to Ju Shin Jung for Korea Bbq. They fell in love with the black pork collar, ginseng chicken soup and side dishes at my favourite korean restuarant.

Seeing the glow on my parents face brought me warmth. They couldn’t help but take pictures of the food to remember the good times. Growing up with the love of parents, bringing them to new places or their favourite places for meal is just one of the things I can do to make them happy. There is no need to wait for special occassions to bring parents out or do something they like 🙂

My mum told me I have chosen the right career paths in gaining meaningful satisfaction and achieve work-life balance. She is glad that I can bring them out in during off peak hour and spent quality time with them. It came naturally for me to see the need to look ahead if you have to make decision that is going to bring a turning point in life. My reason for being self-employed was cyrstal clear since graduation, to have quality time with people I love…friends or family and … the freedom to grow my business.

At 22, I joined the workforce and I knew at then I do not want to live my weekdays with office politics, seeking approval for annual leave and most of all, I don’t like changing jobs or companies. I want to stay committed to a lifelong career, spend time with my parents when they retire, travel whenever I want to, get together with my friends even after having my own family.

Vision is important to me and I tend to visualise the actions and resources needed in the process before making an impactful decision. After drafting the plan in mind, I learnt from people who had succeeded and then get things moving.

Along the journey of making every little dream come true, I am thankful to be blessed with the kindest, supportive friends and family members who will always be there for me.