Clarisonic Smart Profile

Good cleansing allows serums to infuse better into skin. Clarisonic was in my wishlist and after months, I finally grabbed the perfect brush set, Clarisonic Smart Profile during Sephora Member 20% sales. The brush comes with face and body brush. The smart device lets out a red light when it is time to change the brush head for hygiene purpose.

Pony’s Skin Care Routine demostrated the incredible benefits of Clarisonic brush.

Benefits of Smart Profile:

  • Smart Profile removes makeup 11X BETTER than hands alone
  • Clarisonic devices have the power to remove age-accelerating pollutants 30X BETTER* than manual cleansing

When I first tried the brush, 60s was not enough. After 2 weeks, I actually wanted a shorter cleansing time. I do feel my skin is softer and brighter. Best of all, I can feel the serums were better absorbed into my skin.

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