Canon in D by Pachelbel – a Moving Japanese commercial

The story begins with the girl is getting married and her father played Canon in D as a gift and memory of her dead mother who played the same song as well when she was young and before she died. When her mother died, she didn’t talked to her father that much and abandoned playing the piano. The father understands her daughter so he tried to learn the song that his wife used to play. It was a gift for his daughter.

Canon in D is hard to play in the piano as it is not really arranged for piano but for violin.

Afternoon at Home

Listening to classical music at the background now, I am working from home today. Emails sent and ordered Get Well Hamper for my client. Of late, I have been getting headache. Could be the haze. Most of the time, I just want to be home even on weekend. Bret is happiest as he gets his weekend naps. In his new car, 5 year old Leia asked, “Papa have you ever cook?” Bret replied “Yes!” Last evening, he cooked one of the dishes for dinner. Leia complimented his omelette and he was filled with pride. After dinner, Leia prepared monopoly game while waiting for Bret to finish washing the dishes. They played for quite a while and I laid in bed watching the father and daughter. When it was time for bed, Leia went over to her grandma’s room to sleep. Bret and I heard lots of laughter before bedtime.

This morning, I slept as long as I could. Bret didn’t want to disturb my sleep so his mum prepared Leia for school. I was woken up twice by Bret and Leia when they gave me a peck on my cheek before they left home.

Fruits make people happy. During groceries shopping, I stocked up superfruits for family and self to snack as we watched television together. A while ago, I was enjoying golden kiwi. Yums and healthy. Happiness comes when you know you are doing deeds for your body and others. I am considering making smoothies at home. Shall get berries.

Right now I am waiting for Bret to finish his work and we are going to have dinner at Katong tonight. Long time since I had Ampang Niang Tou Fu.

Clarisonic Smart Profile

Good cleansing allows serums to infuse better into skin. Clarisonic was in my wishlist and after months, I finally grabbed the perfect brush set, Clarisonic Smart Profile during Sephora Member 20% sales. The brush comes with face and body brush. The smart device lets out a red light when it is time to change the brush head for hygiene purpose.

Pony’s Skin Care Routine demostrated the incredible benefits of Clarisonic brush.

Benefits of Smart Profile:

  • Smart Profile removes makeup 11X BETTER than hands alone
  • Clarisonic devices have the power to remove age-accelerating pollutants 30X BETTER* than manual cleansing

When I first tried the brush, 60s was not enough. After 2 weeks, I actually wanted a shorter cleansing time. I do feel my skin is softer and brighter. Best of all, I can feel the serums were better absorbed into my skin.