Saturday at Farmart Centre

On a Saturday afternoon, we made a trip to Tai Kwang. Bret needed to stock up the chlorine for our fountain at home. When we reached the far faraway place, Leia asked to feed the koi.


Watching the colourful koi swim peacefully through the water and the bubbles floating to the surface can really relax you. Our family of three watched the beautiful fishes surfaced to water for feed. It was a simple and nice moment.


Then we took a short walk down to the Farmart to feed little animals. There were goats, birds, rabbits, toads, tortotises and different kinds of fishes.


Bret and Leia experienced feeding bird for the first time. The birds ate sunflower seeds. Little girl was hesitant and excited. Bret guided her at the first attempt, afterwhich she fed on her own.


We moved onto feeding the rabbits with carrots. Leia has done this several times since she was a young toddler.


We fed other animals as well however photography was not allowed so I didn’t take much pictures. Bringing Leia to farmart was impromptu. An errand trip turned to encounter with little animals. Well, our unplanned surprise in the afternoon brought fun to us.

Leia called it, “Family Fun”

Farmart Centre

67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008
Tel: 65-6767 0070

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