Shashlik Wednesday Oxtail

Few years ago, beautiful vbff introduced Shashlik Restaurant to me. Located at Far East Shopping Centre, the old orchard road draws executives working nearby for lunch. This year, it was in the news announcing Shashlik is closing… no more Wednesday Oxtail and my favourite, Baked Alaksa.

Last week, B asked me for lunch at Shashlik. She was early and there was a queue outside the restaurant. There is no reservation allowed and only full attendence will be allowed to go in. B and I were surprised to know Set Lunch Menu is no longer available but… Oxtail is still available on Wednesday.

And we have to have our borsch soup. We love the soup.


And then Oxtail…


Vbff & B visits Shashlik mainly for this main course. I miss Baked Alaska which is only available for dinner. Someday.

Source Travel Cnn

The history: Singapore’s first Russian restaurant, Troika, opened at Bras Basah in 1943; it subsequently moved to Liat Towers in 1967. When Troika shut its doors in year 1986, a troop of former staff — mostly Hainanese folk –- got together to create Shashlik at Far East Shopping Centre. Today, a sixth-generation chef helms the kitchen.

Why it’s still good: “It’s been 25 years but Shashlik continues to serve borsch soup from a rickety push-trolley and baked Alaska is still prepared at table-side with fanfare,” says Anthony Ang, an IT professional who dines here regularly.

“Best of all, 81-year-old, Shashlik co-owner Uncle Tan still calls the shots and runs the floor.”

Shashlike Restaurant

545 Orchard Road,

#06-19 Far East Shopping Centre

Opens 12pm

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