Lunch at Outback Steakhouse

Marina Square has a new facelift. B and I were awed by the Live Seafood Emporium. She said a few times, “Rowen will love this place!” The lady is excited about the live seafood galore.


Having to see live Alaska King Crab… ok.. Leia wasn’t as interested as she’s not a seafood her daddy.


On the right, we saw countless of live oysters from different continents. Wooooooow.


So there is an option for live and cooked seafood. There is another station with cooked lobsters and alaska king crab.


It was nice for the kids to see live seafood. We didn’t order any of the delicacies as we had set our minds on Outback Steakhouse. On the way to Millenia Walk, we snapped some nice pictures of the girls.


And this is Leia’s first time seating in a trishaw….


Dim sum… Bret’s favourite. Leia recognised these and she probably wondered if they were real.


After exploring most of marina square, it was time for lunch! The girls received a colouring activity from the restaurant. Their second time at Outback Steakhouse and we sat at the same table too.


Lunch arrived.. B and I ordered Medium Well Outback Steak Special.


It was alright… I like it better when I first tried many, many years ago. I am missing the steak at Morton’s.

Nevertheless, we had a fun day out with our girls… B had the perfect playlist on the road. Every mother is unique in showing their motherly love and having playdates allow the children to learn social skills. Leia was unusually emotional when Shevon accidentlly broke up her lego friends. B helped me to resolve her unhappiness and Leia ran to her telling her she has a present for her. It was a piece of paper that read, “I Love You”. Impressive B.

Shevon was enjoying herself. She didn’t want to leave and asked her mother if she can come back after dinner. Sure! We will schedule another playdate 🙂

Happy Children’s Day !

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