Children’s Day at Octoburst! – 2015

B & I found the perfect day to bring our little girls out. On 9th Oct we went to Octoburst Children’s Festival at Esplanade. An annual event filled with performances & hands-on activities, Octoburst encourages discovery, play and creativity.

And here’s a video I did.

It was a brilliant idea to have “Doodle City” at the forecourt garden, just outside of esplanade. If not for the sorching sun, Leia would love to doodle more.


I would say the girls love young musicians performance most. Performed by the Mini Mash Ups, live performance of Playlist: Top 25 Most Played. Also, there was Pipe-ful Play Garden at Courtyard Garden of Esplanade.


Lots of creativity and actions before Leia moved on to a free mini workshop on DIY planting. Hopefully, we get to grow some wheats at home.


We are truly thankful to have our girls inspired through entertaining arts and workshops. At the same time, cultivate creativity in them while having fun.


Look forward to more events at Esplanade, one of the busiest Art Centres in the world.

Web | Facebook | Instagram
1 Esplanade Drive S038981 (Map)
Tel : +65 6828 8377

After performance and play, we hopped over to Marina Square. We made a great discovery at the newly renovated mall…..!

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