Leia turns 5 at Tunglok Sigature

On 26th Sep 2015, we booked a private room at Tunglok Signature for Leia’s Birthday Celebration. I love the contemporary and oriental fine dining ambience. We were swept away by the tantalising range of traditional authentic chinese cuisine executed skilfully and presented in modern creative presentation.

First dish, Peking duck served with Foie Gras. The crepe was soft, melts in the mouth leaving a sweet aftertaste.


Braised Fish Maw in Pumpkin Soup in bamboo shoot. Our palates were dancing as we enjoyed the thick, quality and yummy soup. One of my favourite chinese soup.


A refreshing & innovative dish with prawns prepared in wasabi and salted egg. Between the prawns, we had watermelons topped with honeydew bits.


We chose the lunchset menu and added scallop fried rice which was wonderful.


Having both grandma, Leia felt loved.


The service was excellent. Although we were in a private room, the staff attended to our needs and food were served timely. We received a surprise from the staff. A complimentary Tunglok Signature Desserts to go along with our birthday cake.


Happy Birthday Leia! A year taller, a year wiser.

Mummy and Daddy loves you more everyday.

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