Birthday Present 2015: Lego Friends Jungle Rescue Base

Ever since we bought our first Lego Friends Lego Set, Leia and I got hooked. We continued to add more into our collections. Last year, she had lots of My Little Pony toys sets. This year, we have Lego Friends in the house.

For her birthday, we raised the budget on Lego Friends and Leia chose Jungle Rescue Base.

Once we got home, she was eager to unbox the lego set and started building. I assisted by helping her to find the required bricks for each step and she carefully built on. Bonding as we achieved every little completion together.


Initially, Bret was all prepared to get The Grand Hotel but Leia insisted on Jungle Rescue Base. She had received Lego Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue so she wanted to complete the set.


Practice makes perfect. Leia is getting faster in building Lego Friends and we didn’t take long to finish building. My little girl would animate her own story by moving the lego figures and lego animals. Here is the episodes of Lego Friends Jungle Adventure.

From wikipedia,

Lego Friends is a product range of the Lego construction toy designed for girls and boys. Introduced in 2012, the theme includes unique “mini-doll” figures, which are about the same size as the traditional minifigures but are more detailed and realistic. The sets include pieces in pink and purple color schemes and depict scenes from suburban life set in the fictional town of Heartlake City.”

Time spent on lego together was all worth well.

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