Chong Qing Grilled Fish with H & E

Its been soooo long since we get together for some crazy food adventure. This time, I suggested the venue and we ordered a table of dishes to spice up our happy moment. When B first introduced this dish to me, I was intrigued and loved it wholeheartedly. So, I went on to introduce this spicy delicacy to friends I love.

A new concept for Angel H and Lovely E… although their burning tongues were calling for help, I could see that they were in a way, enjoying the food. I must say the grilled fish with medium spicy mala gravy is pretty fiery.


Angel H can’t really take spicy food but… she agreed that the grilled fish is good. I’m drooling as I reminise the moment. The next time, I will just order mild spicy. E added more spicy dishes like the fried chicken covered with dried chilli. The fried chicken is great too but I didn’t like spices though. One more Spicy dish.. Couch with Chilli was served first. Was it meant to be an appetizer? This one challenging dish where we ended making more sounds as we ate.

Although all three dishes were prepared with similar ingredients, I could taste the distinctive flavours of each gravy. My favourite of all… still Grilled Fish Ma-La.


Chong Qing Grilled Fish

CQGF Liang Seah
重庆烤鱼 – 连城街分店
1 Liang Seah Street #01-05/06
订位 Reservation: 6333 9148

Do make reservation and arrive earlier if possible.

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