Leia Birthday Celebration at Mindchamps – 2015

A day before Leia’s birthday, we held a celebration with her friends and teachers in school. This year, my little girl requested for Ariel cake. Bret and I ordered the cake from Bengawan Solo and bought party favor gifts for her classmates. We went to few places to gather the items in the party favour.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.45.07 pm

This year, Leia personally packed all the gifts into each party bags. In each bag, there is a bubble bottle, pencil, eraser, balloons and gummi bears. Items were bought from Toy R Us and Daiso. Most of the items including party bags were chosen by Leia. Red party bag for girls and brown party bag for boys.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.48.29 pm

Friday morning, Bret fetched Leia to school as the school was having mooncake festival celebration. Children were asked to bring a piece of mooncake and pomelo. Around 3pm, Bret and I picked up the cake and made our way to school.

The party commenced at 3.30pm. When Bret and I entered her classroom, the tables were arranged for the celebration and Leia was seated in the middle waiting with joy. I took out her birthday outfit and her classmates went, “wow pink & necklace!” Bret helped to change her as I prepared the paper plates and fork.

Using my canon G12, I try to snap as much pictures and short videos.

Leia was happy and the preschoolers were noticeably close. We heard many kind compliments from her friends. Sonia told Bret, “Leia is always so cute.” Andrea said, “Leia! Your tutu is so nice. I like your tutu very much.” Kiarra smiled to Leia and opened her arms, “I want a hug.”

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