Day 11: Emotional Morning at Zurich, Switzerland

Friday morning, we were still sleeping and suddenly our door was opened slightly. Isabella had to go school and she said goodbye to us then, she suddenly came into the room to give Leia a kiss on her forehead. My girl was still sleeping with her eyes closed but I am pretty sure she felt the kiss.

When we woke up to get ready, Leia was behaving differently. She was naughtier. We had breakfast at migros supermarket before Cousin Evan send us to the Train Station that led us to Airport. Sending us off was emotional. Cousin Evan looked sad and she told us its feeling of living abroad and sending family members off. Deep in our hearts, we were feeling sad too but Leia and I tried hard not to well up our eyes with tears.

In this trip, Leia, Isabella and Clarissa shared a strong bond through tears and laughter. The girls were sad to be apart so were Cousin Evan and myself.

Here is my pretty cousin whom I am proud of.


If not for Cousin Evan and Ralph, we wouldn’t be able to explore Switzerland the way we did. She offered accomodation at her super child-friendly place and we were able to save and spend more on food as well as experience.


Before the train set off, Cousin Evan gave us warm, emotional hugs. I began to understand why Leia behaved negatively, with pouted lips she told me she was not willing to leave switzerland, not willing to leave Isabella & Clarissa. She misses Aunt Evan and family.

After the long journey back home, Leia was back in the bedroom. She held a crystal ball and I heard her, “I wish Isabella will stay in Singapore.”

Good news for us was Cousin Evan and family will return Singapore for 8 months 🙂 Countdown to their return. Missing them greatly. In this trip, we feel blessed to have our cousins as we travel and in many ways. God’s grace and hallelujah.

Love you Cousin Evan and family!

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