Day 10: Zurich, Switzerland

Cousin Evan brought us to a beautiful place for breakfast at the hotel by the lake. The hotel is near her place and is a sister company of Dolder Grand Hotel.


Self-service restaurant similiar to Singapore ikea restaurant concept. There is an outdoor playground for the kids to have fun before the food arrives.


The spring chicken smelled heavenly. Fish sticks and fries for the kids.


The pork stew was nice and on the right, it looks like pizza but its not. I have forgotten the name, one of the specialities.


Done with breakfast, Cousin Evan walked us to the park with a big playground made out of nature. There was much to explore. Lots of sensory activities with wood, sand and water.


Clarissa was the happiest. She loves rocking, the thrill and joy of manovuering the rocker to her desired speed.


We spent about an hour at the park for the kids to have fun before Cousin Evan brings us to the city for shopping. The destination was pretty clear. Hermes. Cousin Evan knows the staffs at the boutique and they love her children too. Leia and Isabella made themselves at home, eating cookies and playing hide and seek.


Cousin Evan has a hermes wallet which I thought was functional. A casual question for hubby, “should I?” and he agreed without hesitiation. Bret got me a wallet as a gift. Thankful 🙂 Our once in a while indulgence. Cousin Evan bought a short wallet in pink. Wooo… shopping is impromptu.

Stepped out of the boutique, we got the girls to pose for a memorable shot. This is one of the many funny poses they have.


Then we moved on to get more stuffs. He was asked to help a friend to get Louis Vuitton Shades.


To the girls, everywhere is playground. They were spotted playing hide and seek in the luxury boutique. I was hopping they will not mess up any display. Well, they were laughing a lot.


Finished shopping. We head over to the 5-star luxury castle hotel, Dolder Grand Hotel for cake and coffees.


If only we can stay for a night to enjoy the best spa experience. Maybe someday. Having Leia, we were not able to do spa. But we are most happy to visit the hotel with exquisite art pieces and flowers…


Then the moment… an early celebration with Isabella and Clarissa. Leia turns 5 years old in September and this video will be special to keep.

After the mini lovely celebration, Cousin Evan brought us to an authentic Japanese Restaurant in city. She learnt that Leia was craving for tamago sushi and she wanted to fulfill her wish. And wish granted!

Long day we had. We went home started packing our luggages. Cousin Evan lent us a luggage to bring back to Singapore. Finally, we were going back home!

Cousins are usually the first friends we have as children. No one will understand your crazy family like your cousins do even if you haven’t talk much lately. Cousins are connected heart to hear. Distance and time will never break them apart.”

When I was a kid, I used to have sleepovers at Cousin Evan’s place. She is like an elder sister to me bringing me around to swim, meet her friends. Now that we have our own family, we are far apart. And I spent my last night having super long heart-to-heart talk with Cousin Evan about family and everything…

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