Day 8 & 9: Stuttgart, Germany

After breakfast, Cousin Evan took the wheels and led us Germany, Stuttgart’s Factory Outlet known as Metzingen. Few hours passed, we checked into Schwanen Hotel. The design of the room was modern, smart and chic. Transparent shower glass just next to entrance door. 4-Star hotel providing several types of premium quality rooms styled with designer furnishings.


Unloaded our baggages, time to fill our stomach with food. Cousin Evan told us she always dine at the hotel restaurant whenever she is in Metzingen. We were ushered to a private comfy room where the kiddos can be themselves … loud and messy.

Cousin Evan and Bret ordered Pork for lunch. Delicious as it looks.


My chicken roll with zucchini was served as an art piece.


Hearty lunch we had. Our challenge was the kids. If we had visited the outlet city on friday, there is a kids camp where kids are occupied with a strings of activities is tailored especially to suit 3-12-year-olds. Super cool. However, Cousin Evan added that on weekends, Metzingen is heavily packed and there will be issues with parking.


And was time to hit the fashion streets of Metzingen. Didn’t take us long to agree with Cousin Evan, we can shop all day. IMG_8526

Here is the list of brands outlet. The first Hugo Boss factory started in Metzingen and now the outlet city is one of the most successful factory outlet in Europe. At Hugo Boss, Bret picked up several pieces at good price. Gotten a hugo boss top for my father too.


I didn’t spot anything at Michael Kors or Prada boutique.. instead I found 3 difference sized gym bags at addidas factory outlet. One of the bag was a steal.. it is versatile and doubles as a casual bag. Time flies, it was time for dinner. We returned to our hotel. We were given another private area of the restaurant.


The bread were served before. Beautiful rustic display.


In Europe, the restaurants are children-friendly. The kids placemats were colourful and our girls get busy with colourings.


Pretty girl, Isabella did a great job in colouring. She was focused and determined not to colour out of line.


Whenever Leia and Isbella get together, they play hard like boys. Anything around them can be a game. They are full of funny ideas even when it comes to taking photo. Amazing chemistry.

Our dearest tiny love, Clarissa. She mesmerised everyone with her smile and intelligence. Leia dotes on Clarissa very much.


I managed to take a video clip of Leia trying to put on hair clip for Clarissa. The 16 months old knew what was going on and she lets Leia help her with hair clip.

As for dinner, I ordered the steak with fried onions and spatzle.


Bret had monk fish. The texture tasted like scallops!


Finished dinner. It was time to retreat to the bedroom and rest for the night before we finalised our shopping spree at Metzingen.

In the morning of Day 9, we had breakfast with Cousin Ralph’s mother, sister and niece Antonnia. It was a warm and cozy meeting. The restaurant makes their own crossiant, absolutely tasty and lovely. After dinner, we continued shopping for hours. Any playground makes the girls happy.


My favourite was WMF store but limited items I can bring home. We helped Cousin Iris and her hubby to get Prada items then called it a day.

It was time to return Cousin Evan’s home for dinner.

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