Day 6 & 7: Zurich, Switzerland

Back from Germany, we stayed indoor at Cousin Evan’s home as its a Sunday. The little girls doodled and played toys together. For dinner, Cousin Evan and Ralph prepared traditional swiss dinner, Raclette. I’ve had mookata, chinese mala steamboat .. this time, european style.. cheese and party grills. Moments into memories.

The following day was the highlight of our trip to Switzerland, Mount Titlis. Thanks to my cousins arrangement, we had a discounted ticket that allows us to travel around the country. Cousin Ralph referred to weather forecast and informed us the temperature will be zero degree celcius with sun. Cousin Evan lent us snow gears and we brought along my kindest colleague’s winter wear for Leia.

Ready with the information given by Cousin Evan, it was time to find our way to the right stations.


Here is the board which we checked for the train tracks and schedule.


Inside 1st class cabin of the train… we ordered hot drinks as we seat down to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


At Luzern, we took a train to Engelberg.


Leia was getting excited about meeting snow in person. Smiling all the time.


Three hours passed, we ventured our way and arrived at our destination. A familiar adrenaline rush Bret and me experienced in our recent travel trips.


Something we didn’t expect, long way of changing cables. We took several cables to reach the Summit Mount Titlis. Before Glacier Cave, we had lunch at Paranoma Restuarant.


Last year, we had breakfast with awesome aegean sea view and this year, lunch with spectacular snowy mountains. Ordered melted cheese and egg with rosti while Bret and Leia had spagetti. Super-beautiful mountains view for lunch! The changing trains and cables needed to reach this summit is worthwhile. Many times, Bret used his hp camera to capture the breath taking views.

17 years of love, Bret only realized the joy of travelling last year. Took us the longest time to go beyond our romance routine . Through travelling, we were transported to a new environment savouring the sponteanous, exciting experience.

Having our girl in this trip was something we treasured. I noticed Leia as a young traveller gained increased responsibilities and independence. Out of her daily environment, she was opened to new windows of understanding of the world. Exposed to different cultures, languages and environments. Our family of three bonded strongly smiling everyday.

And now… I present to you our favourite moment in Switzerland.

I love taking father and daughter shots.

After Mount Titlis, we took the train back to Luzern and explored the lovely city. By using Google Map, we made our way to the lion monument and old town city. Then we took the train back to Cousin Evan’s place.

Bret and Leia told me they had a wonderful day out. So was I.

Thank you God.

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