Day 5: Ravensburger Spieleland Theme Park, Germany Part 1

Before my trip to Zurich, Cousin Evan has been raving about how the girls will enjoy Ravensburger. And so, the day arrived. Ralph took the wheels and we were on a roadtrip to Germany. Throughout the journey, Clarissa was asleep. At the back, the older girls giggled, bickered and napped.

Three hours past, we reached destination.


Weather was perfect. Air was cool and we still have the sun. The girls were pacing their way to a fun theme park.


Sure is, a family friendly theme park. We were at the beginging of the theme park and then the girls quickly removed their shoes and started bouncing together. Children love to bounce, the energisers.


Cousin Evan suggested a train ride so that we can have a walkthrough and the girls get to point out what they want to do.


Ravensburger reminds me of Legoland Malaysia but closer to nature and its bigger too. We wanted to let the girls attend “Mercedes School” but only available for 6 years old onwards. Check out the Mercedes cars.


Fret not… there lots of activities for the girls. Bumper car ride. Leia smiling to Isabella in snail car 13. They were just so happy bumping around. The smiles on children’s face never fail to melt the hearts of parents.


Bumping each other was not as thrilling as slides! The fathers were tasked to accompany their little girls. Leia was eager to enter the tunnel racing her way up to the slide.


That was not the only slide though. But I do not want to overwhelm my blog with pictures and so next challenge, the fathers had to fire fight with their girls. They started by using their muscles to move the fire trucks with the fastest speed.


Bret rolling up his sleeves to prepare himself while Ralph looked composed and ready.


After the exciting game, the girls had fun at playground. Isabella and rock climbing.


Clarissa having fun on her own. She has this smile that make us want to hug her the arms.


Another father-daughter moment. Bret and Leia likes to tease each other. In this trip, they shared thrilling moments together as they sped down the slides and fast-moving rides.


Isabella loves her father dearly. She calls him, “Papa”. Cousin Evan told me Ralph always have surprises for his beautiful little girl.


And the highlight of the trip at Ravensburger was Rittersport Chocolate Workshop.

A truly memorable trip with Cousin Evan’s family. The girls were filled with joy.

Next… was checking into Castle Hotel and Dinner.

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