Day 4: Zurich, Switzerland

On Day 4, Cousin Evan showed us around the “Orchard Road of Zurich”. Possibly the expensive shopping streets in the world, Bahnoffstrasse. We walked past Patek Philips, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and all the luxury brands. Then, Evan told us about a place for coffee and tea.


Honold, a traditional tea room and favourite of many locals. Family run renowned confiserie with lovely cakes and chocolates. I should have tried their truffles.


Leia likes Clarissa a lot. We have never seen Leia so protective and attentive towards a younger child. Clarissa is like an alive doll who is independent and firm. She knows when and how to melt our hearts too with her cheeky smile.


My chocolate cake. I have never had cakes for breakfast but well, there is always a first for everything. The rest had crossaints and chocolate pastries. No milo, soft-boiled eggs with kaya toast we had coffee while kids have chocolate drink.


Next Cousin Evan told us about toy shop and we saw star wars characters.


In the Toy Store, Isabella was excited about Dragon Slide. The slides led the girls to basement level of the toy stores. Bret and I walked around and we were tempted to get Leia some lego toys but Cousin Evan told we can get cheaper toys in our coming road trip to Germany.


Although we walked out without any new toys for Leia, she looked satisfied after rounds of dragon slides. Always a joy for kids to enter toy shop. We entered few luxury stores like hermes and patek philips. Then lunch at the popular and historical Zeughauskeller, a house built in 1487 before America was even discovered.


Actual weapons and armour were part of the decor in this restaurant. As it was lunch time, the restuarant was packed. Looking at the menu, Bret and I were getting used to the prices. Each main course easily crossed S$25-30.

Cousin Evan and I shared a main course. Veal Saussage and Potato Salad. Personally I think the potato sauce/gravy was bit blend for me. I guess I am used to strong flavour of asia.


Here’s Bret Rosti with Saussage. I prefer Rosti with sour cream but Swiss eat original rosti without sauce.


Bret ordered a house beer. Beer is cheap in Europe, a boozer to distract the agony of paying for expensive staple food.

Few days of dining outs allowed us to fully understand what Ralph meant by “it is not a culture for europeans to dine out often like Singapore.”Yet again, we flew all the way to Europe… we just have to try local restaurants and be amused at a price.

I was surprised when Evan told me Isabella’s favourite is Beef liver.


I like pork liver with porridge however.. I was not used to the taste of beef liver. Surprised that this is a european dish. When we were done with lunch, time to bid goodbye with Cousin Evan and her lovely girls. She took us to a shop with wooden toys. I love wooden toy too but I realised most of the toys were for toddlers.  Asked Leia if she wants these wooden puzzles, her answer was no.


In the end, we bought Lego Elves for her. Continued to venture around Zurich old town.


And so we walked more until it was time for me to attend company’s dinner and dance held at a farm. The theme was chilli hot pepper red. I wore a red dress and cousin Evan lent me a white shawl.


There was no annoucement of the farm but I figured it would be Jucker Farm. And I was right. It was brilliant set up where we can appreciate the magnificent switzerland scenery from the top before our dinner celebration commence. I had endless cups of apple juice and I still love the pumpkin soup.

However in Europe its not easy to have fast food. Our main course was only served at about 10pm. Nevertheless, we had a memorable night enjoying the great performances on stage.

I was so sleepy in the coach. Reached hotel at 12am.

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