Day 1 & 2: Zurich, Switzerland

This September, we had a memorable family trip at Switzerland-Germany. Not sure if Leia could handle more than 10 hours of flight, I booked Emirates with 2hrs transit at Dubai. And we love A380.

Young flyers are priorities. Families with young children board the plane first and on board, we received more than expected. Presenting child’s meal. There was a box of snacks to keep the child happy.

With her name. Bret and I were impressed by the privileges and special attention for Emirates Young Flyers on board.

The in-flight entertainments for kids were amazing. The purple headset specially designed for kids and Leia received activity book with a box of colour pencils as well as kid’s blanket with soft toy.


Also, the friendly Emirates cabin crew came forward to us with smiles to take a polariod picture of us for memoir. A thoughtful Emirates gift for our first Europe Trip.

The little surprises on plane were deeply appreciated.

For accomodation, we stayed at Cousin Evan’s place and hotels.  Our flight arrived late night so we spent a night at Evan’s place. In our first morning of Zurich, Evan introduced breakfast by the lake near her house.


While waiting for our breakfast, Leia and Isabella went to the swing. Bret displayed his gentle, fatherly side to the youngest of all, Clarissa.


Isabella is a year younger than Leia and they can get really wild and crazy together. They play like boys and really creative. One moment they are playing, next they are arguing and mad at each other. In this trip, we lost counts of the fights they had but we sure noticed loads of fun and laughter from the girls.


Breakfast was ready. The weather was cooling with sun and they served freshly squeezed juice together with scrambled eggs. Love the swiss butter.


Then, we head off to Rapperswil Kinder Zoo where kids below 6 years old get upclose with animals and lots of activities for them. Kids will love this zoo.


The trio were thrilled to visit the zoo.


Did up a video of our fond memories at Kinder Zoo.

After a great time at Zoo, Cousin Evan drove us to Renaissance Hotel to check-in.


We stayed at Renaissance Hotel for few nights. In the evening, we had Vietnam cusine. Highly reccomended by Cousin Evan and its the best Pho I have had. The beef slices were tender and delicious. After dinner, Cousin Evan gave us a lift to Limmatquai, one of the historical areas of Zurich City named after Limmat River.


Our director had made a reservation at Zimmerleuten with for private fine dinning experience. Service was attentive and excellent.

Ended the night with glasses of wine before returning to our hotel via tram no. 4.

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