Pony Innisfree Make Up Diary – Long Wear & Water Glow Cushion

Recent love led me to a korean beauty vlogger, Pony. I like her videos very much. In this video, she uses innisfree make up introducing the Long Wear BB Cushion and Water Glow Cushion. Pony shares the right technique to create the desired effects.

Personally, I favour Water Glow Cushion better as my skin needs endless of moisture. Needless to say, I have converted to Innisfree BB Cushion. I have given Etude House Precious Mineral Pearl Aura BB Cushion to my mother and somehow it suits her better.

Before I saw this video, I was kinda disappointed that water glow bb cushion appeared matt on me. I wondered where are the water and glow? The coverage is acceptable though. So I am going to try layering and patting as demostrated by Pony.

I love the signature dewy glowing korean skin with bright lip colour. Don’t you?

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