Innisfree – Aug 2015

When I first spotted innisfree at Takashimaya, I wasn’t as keen. About 7 years ago, I went seoul. The tour guide & retail assistants “psycho” me to stock up local brand skincare especially the sheet masks but…turned out they were not really effective on my skin … Until recently I chanced upon this ubberly cute skincare commercial.

I was intrigued and grabbed one from the store at my nearest mall. The affordable price tag aroused my curiosity further. Bringing home with me was Olive Real Cleansing Foam. I needed an extremely moisturising cleanser and the price says “buy me!”

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.58.18 pm

Absolutely love the light citrus, calming smell and the rich creamy lather on my skin felt so right. Nourishing and comforting leaving a soft, clean and supple skin. Shopping with innisfree comes with samples. Tried The Green Tea Seed Oil … love love love. Officially in love again.

Source: Her World Plus

Green shoppers will also be pleased to know that innisfree makes a point to use recyclable materials and biodegradable soy ink as part of its beautifully minimalistic packaging. The products are also free of the Big Four baddies of natural skincare: parabens, animal ingredients, artificial colourants and pore-clogging mineral oils.

Read the brand story here

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.53.48 pm

I have always felt my heart pinch everytime I discard an elegant, neat empty skincare bottle. Finally, I found a brand that is eco-friendly by encouraging consumers to give them empty bottles to promote green life.


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