NDP at The Blarney – 2015

On the day of NDP, we woke up at 12pm and had a really late lunch at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes Food Court. An epic SG50 moment, the mall was sardined packed with red and white. Tourists were clad in national day theme too. Reminds me of countdown. Due to large slow-moving crowd, teenagers, children and adults were seen sitting on the floor for meals and it didn’t mattered. Everyone was waiting to celebrate Singapore’s grand 50th birthday.

Outside the mall, many families and foreigners laid mats to camp for the event. Bret and I had wanted to camp too but I foresee Leia might want restroom later on so we moved out of the mall. I suggested going home but Bret was kinda reluctant so he drove to One Raffles Quay.

We found the perfect place, the Blarney to chill and enjoy live NDP telecast.  Just across the street were people camping for airplanes and fireworks.


Leia was happy to be in an air-conditioned bar, Bret had glass of ice cold beer and we watched NDP in the bar. One of the rare times where you see parents and kids chilling out in a bar. It didn’t take long for the bar to be filled and we were thankful to discover this bar early.

Orange Juice for Leia and Lychee Martini for myself. Bret had draught beer.


Whenever there is airplane coming, everyone gets excited. Like other parents and kids, Bret and Leia would head outside to watch the airplane. Otherwise, Leia would dance along or march as she watched NDP. When it was time for the fireworks, we walked over to wait for the moment everyone have been waiting for.

We could hear the song echoed from the float and managed to instagram the mini fireworks and finale. It is our family’s first time to watch live fireworks together. Usually we will just watch NDP at home but … this year celebration meant a lot. We hope Mr & Mrs Lee Kuan Yew in heaven could see how united Singaporeans have been on this special day.

A moment to remember.

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