Leia & Heartlake Hair Salon

On Friday, we had a plan that is to buy a lego set. Settled for Lego Friends Heartlake Hair Salon. Whenever she has a new toy, she can’t wait to go home. Leia was so excited, she asked “Mummy do you want to take a picture of my toy?” Sure.

Reached home, Leia unboxed her lego set. All the lego pieces were on the table. My 5 yr old opened the instruction manual but she didn’t know how to start. Step by step, I guided her on how to follow the instructions.

Having the passion, she was fast in learning.

I could see that she was enjoying the thrill of finding & putting the right lego pieces on her own, at the same time she was building confidence.

After close to 2 hours, Leia’s heartlake hair salon was completed. We began to do a mini play.


Introducing Natasha, the talented hair stylist of heartlake. She inspires the girls in town with the latest hair trends and fashion.


Today we have Emma in the hair salon laid comfortably on the recliner as Natasha gives her scalp a good knead and wash. IMG_7352

Next, time to blow dry the red curls. When your hair is gorgeous, you just smile in the mirror.


Done! Natasha makes Emma a cuppa of mocha with her red coffee machine. Just then, another Lego friend Olivia stepped in to join the girls.


The trio all ready for girls talk. Whe Olivia left, Emma asked to try on a wig.


Let’s zoom in. Natasha thinks Emma looks great in black too.


Some snips to touch up for a neat, chic look.


Emma looks very pleased with her new look. Great haircut starts with great stylist. The end.

Before we turned in, we watched The Great Hair Day on youtube.

When Leia was building Lego Friends, I was by her side throughout giving her praise and encouragement. The lego pieces were small and concerned if her eyes were tired. I asked if she would like to take a break, she thought for a sec and decided not to. Leia was determined to finish her masterpiece and I sat by her side supporting her. I truly love every moment of our lego activity together.

Looking forward to another Lego Friends set.

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