The Little Red Brick Show (SG50 Edition) – 2015

On the eve of NDP, we had Changi Village Nasi Lemak for lunch before proceeding to National Library for The Red Brick Show SG50 Edition.

“Founded in 2013, The Little Red Brick is a Singapore-based LEGO Users Group (LUG) that aims to engage the local building community and creating an environment conducive to sharing of building techniques and creations. ( Source : The Little Red Brick) “


The night before, Leia and I were having great time building Lego Friends together. And we continued our journey with lego bricks. I used my Canon G12 while she used my smartphone to take pictures.


It was a good opportunity to tell Leia about the Past & Present of Singapore. Here is the old national library. Personally, I think I have only been there once. Check out the lego library card.


During my primary school days, a lot of boys would play chinese chess. So were the elderly at hdb void deck.


When I was in secondary school. the sheltered bus stop was orange. No sign board to tell us which bus stops at where and we didn’t use internet or apps to tell us what time the bus is reaching.


We just wait … and then the bus appeared. My favourite was double decker bus, No. 81.


In the 90s, children either watch tv at home or play catching at the playground filled with sands. We remember the playground by its shape. This is “Dragon Playground”.


My primary school friends and I used to hang out at “Mushroom Playground” near our school. Water Melon Playground seemed familiar.


Besides iconic buildings, there were events Singaporeans will remember. For the men, they have the SOC. Bret said, “Yucks”.


And the overnight awfully long queues and fights over Hello Kitty Plushies at Macdonalds. Till now, I have no idea who started and why we were so into hello kitty plushies back then.


At that time, Bret had help from people to queue for “millenium hello kitty” for me. A closer look into the restaurant, Macdonald staffs and burgers.


Initially Bret and I didn’t give much attention to this creation until we went nearer.


Singaporeans have this unique reaction when its comes to food. Tissue paper means Chope and its a trend to take an instagram-worthy food pic before the first bite!


The Joo Chiat Shop House. Details are amazing.


Central Business District. The shophouses reminds me of monopoly 🙂


Zouk…where the night is still young. Mambo night.


Last but not least… One of the creation that touches our hearts, “Remembering LKY Parliament House”.


50 years ago, Mr Lee Kuan Yew proclaimed Singapore independence and led her to a first-world country. All the national songs speaks his hardwork. Our home, a land to treasure.

Deep within us, Bret and I cannot be more thankful to Mr Lee Kuan Yew for everything we have today.

National Library, Bugis
Aug 1-28

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