Supertree Grove SG50 – 2015

After The Little Red Brick Show, Bret drove us over to newly renovated luxury mall, Capitol Singapore. We spent some tea time at the mall and moved over Raffles City to shop for his shoes. We didn’t find his instead, we found a pair of new shoes for Leia. Evening approached, it was time for the second highlight of our Pre-NDP Celebration..

As there were long queues of cars waiting to enter the carpark, our hopes were low about finding a carpark lot. Leia prayed to God for a carpark lot and miracle happened. After a turn, Bret managed to enter the carpark with great ease and found a perfect lot. Took our time to stroll towards the destination with sights of fellow singaporeans & tourists smiling with joy and anticipation.

Supertree Grove SG50

Garden Rhapsody (SG50 Special)
6 – 10 Aug 2015 onwards | 7:45 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:15 PM & 10:00 PM | Supertree Grove

We sat on the greenery filled with people waiting for the show. Everyone on camera standby mode. When the show finally started, we were mesmerized by the magical night of whimsical lights dancing to the music in the air. Singaporeans & tourists regardless of race, language or religon, we were united singing the same national songs together.

A special atmosphere I am glad our family of three made it to celebrate the eve of Singapore 50th birthday at this enchanting garden.

“This is home truly, where I know I must be.”

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