Facial at Vanilla

Once, I met a psyhic young lady. At first impression, she read that I love to pamper myself from head to toe. Sure is.

Weeks ago, I passed by a facial salon Vanilla and saw the promotion banner outside the shop. $38 for deep cleansing and facial massage. Stepped in and glad to know there is a beautician available.  I was reccomended to do a hydrating facial whereby generous amount of ampoules to give my skin the much needed nutrients.

Nature gives you a face at Twenty; It is up to you to merit the face you have at Fifty. – Coco Chanel”

During the facial, everything applied on my face including cleanser and scrub smelled 9/10. Fragrance are mood-boosters. I was in for relaxation moment. When I had the mask on, the beautician gave me a shoulder massage to relieve my tensed muscles. It was alright and I appreciated that as other facials I had; once the mask is on, the beautician leaves the room right away. She did leave the facial room and returned after about 15 minutes to remove the mask, applied moisturiser and sunscreen.

I was introduced the in-house facial packages. Prices were reasonable however I was looking for a beautician who can remove mini whiteheads so I did not sign up. But I bought their in-house shimmer sunscreen. The scent of their sunscreen reminds of Hazeline Snow, old-school skincare which we store in the fridge.

Update on the my latest Jeunesse Facial Cleanser:

The gentle exfoliating effects helped improved my uneven skin tone  and my dark circles were lightened. Currently, I have been going out with just sunscreen bought from Vanilla.

Friends around me highly recommend IOPE Air Cushion, if only I can just get it from the malls.

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