Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser

Today is Tuesday. For some reason, Bret’s alarm didn’t ring and we slept a little longer than usual. I was very motivated to wake up because I get to use new skincare products again.

Great thanks to Chairine, I have an incredible facial cleanser and “home botox” now. Several months earlier, Best Friend B sent me a fb link showing an amazing video where heavy eye bags and wrinkles disappear in 2-3 minutes. We began to ask around where to get this eye serum and learnt that its not available locally. Then weeks ago, Chairine text me her online shop for Jeunesse anti-aging skincare.

“Jeunesse combines breakthrough sciences in a product system that enhances youth by working at the cellular level. By focusing on the health, longevity, and renewal of cells, we help people enjoy vibrant, youthful results that last.”

All I need to do is shop online and the products will be delivered to me by post. Cool 🙂

I was more keen in Instantly Ageless but the product is not launched in Sg so dear Chairine helped me to purchase via USA office. Yesterday, I met Chairine to collect the item and to my surprise, she gave me a brand new bottle Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser. I didn’t want to accept initially as I know its not cheap but the kind-hearted lady insisted I have it. Cannot be more thankful.

God’s Grace. Bret was just asking me to replenish our facial cleansers. We used Shiseido and I had intended to invest in Clarisonic Facial Brush to cleanse my skin better. Had been watching youtube reviews but I was hesitant because not all reviews were positive and price was a factor too. Just then, Chairine gave me a Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser. Timing cannot be more perfect.

When I got home, I tried the cleanser with no expectations at all. Goodness, I was wowed by the technology. Cleanser came in the form of a transparent gel. As I rubbed the gel with water on my skin, I saw foam. The foam cleansed skin and was able to remove the tinted moisturiser I had but not waterproof mascara. If you read up, it is said that the cleanser can remove make up. After washing my face with warm water, skin was visibly brighter and cleaned. Best of all, moisture was not stripped off and I got Bret to touch my skin. His comment, “Soft!”

I went on to read up on my new organic cleanser and there is a proper way of cleansing. You can even find live facial demos on youtube. So for now, I think I can delay on Clarisonic brush. As there is gentle exfoliating effects from Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser which is important. Exfoliation removed dead skin cells from facial skin and you need that to fight anti-aging.

To buy Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser, visit website here to purchase or leave a comment if you would like to find out more. I am not a distributor nor am I one who get paid for reviews. Just blogging my experience with awesome products that work for me.

Now that I am in my 30s and busier, I like simple skincare routine with desirable outcome.  At this moment, I only have 2-steps night daily skincare routine.

Step 1: Cleansing with Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser

Step 2: All-in-One Skincare with Maione Youth Original Essence

For day, I will add SPF and Tinted Moisturiser for casual day out.

Bret and I just had breakfast at Toast Box before he went to work. The runny, soft-boiled eggs were cold and for the first time, I couldn’t finish the eggs. Only had a sip and thats was it. Back at my home office, I decided to blog this entry and time to head back to work.

Good day ahead~

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