Leia Home Art Class – 2nd week Jul 2015

Leia looks forward to every monday evening home art class with 5 other children. She gets to see Levonne, Geron & her new friends. Art Class was initiated by Peony and her friend. Primary reason was to let children have fun as they develop the benefits of art in a small group setting at a her friend’s place.

While the children have an hour of art class, Bret and I would have dinner with Peony and Glenn. Social time for adults.


This evening its her 2nd class in Pre-Primary Course. Teacher Tan told us for the initial stage, she builds confidence in children. This helps to express their perceptions, inventions with crayons and paint. And tonight’s theme was “birds”. Leia’s expression of birds and green.


According to teacher, parents are encouraged to keep the art pieces to view the coming months progress. At home we do arts and crafts too…but well, since there is an opportunity for her to attend art class with her friends, I agreed. Leia is happy with our decision. She loves most when she gets to play with her friends after art class.

Information about Hooray! Home Art Lesson

Home art class brings creativity, fun and friendships together.

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