Harry’s with his BFF

We had drinks with Bret’s buddy, Hongda again. Harry’s… I suppose it’s going to be a regular place for the boys and me. They would talk about anything. On and off they would burst into sudden laughters at some silly thoughts. Boys …


Finger food is always a good idea. Looking at the menu, Chicken Wings was my choice and Hongda ordered fries. Food was beautifully presented.


Pictures from Make Your Calories Count

Fried chicken wings and beer speaks korean style.

We did a short recap of our times as kids… buying packet drinks and tibits to hang out at void deck. Now, we have grown up into working adults drinking at Harry’s enjoying several rounds of beer and chic finger food.

Time changed us but still… somethings in our friendship never change. Three of us aspire to chill out overseas someday. I believe this day will come.

All we have to decide is what to do with time that is given to us.” – J.K.K Tolkien

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