Minions & Play-Doh

Last weekend, Bret’s priority was to watch “Minions” with our girl. He booked the usual cinema & queued for salted-sweet popcorn. Hubby had some good laugh while I thought the movie wasn’t as funny for me. Leia didn’t seem impressed too.

Returned home, my girl took out play-doh. I showed her how we can create a house using shapes and discussed the number of sides on each shape. An activity where I demostrated the steps and Leia followed.


Rolled and cut, our mother-daughter time with play-doh.

I would pack the play-doh in zip lock bags so that it is easier for my 5-yr old to keep on her own. Bret never quite appreciate this activity. He prefers to play monopoly with her.

Through play, I get to see Leia’s creativity & logic. Time with child is never enough. Sometimes, I do admire the simplicity of country side where kids there only need to play as much & learn life survival skills.

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