Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser

Today is Tuesday. For some reason, Bret’s alarm didn’t ring and we slept a little longer than usual. I was very motivated to wake up because I get to use new skincare products again.

Great thanks to Chairine, I have an incredible facial cleanser and “home botox” now. Several months earlier, Best Friend B sent me a fb link showing an amazing video where heavy eye bags and wrinkles disappear in 2-3 minutes. We began to ask around where to get this eye serum and learnt that its not available locally. Then weeks ago, Chairine text me her online shop for Jeunesse anti-aging skincare.

“Jeunesse combines breakthrough sciences in a product system that enhances youth by working at the cellular level. By focusing on the health, longevity, and renewal of cells, we help people enjoy vibrant, youthful results that last.”

All I need to do is shop online and the products will be delivered to me by post. Cool 🙂

I was more keen in Instantly Ageless but the product is not launched in Sg so dear Chairine helped me to purchase via USA office. Yesterday, I met Chairine to collect the item and to my surprise, she gave me a brand new bottle Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser. I didn’t want to accept initially as I know its not cheap but the kind-hearted lady insisted I have it. Cannot be more thankful.

God’s Grace. Bret was just asking me to replenish our facial cleansers. We used Shiseido and I had intended to invest in Clarisonic Facial Brush to cleanse my skin better. Had been watching youtube reviews but I was hesitant because not all reviews were positive and price was a factor too. Just then, Chairine gave me a Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser. Timing cannot be more perfect.

When I got home, I tried the cleanser with no expectations at all. Goodness, I was wowed by the technology. Cleanser came in the form of a transparent gel. As I rubbed the gel with water on my skin, I saw foam. The foam cleansed skin and was able to remove the tinted moisturiser I had but not waterproof mascara. If you read up, it is said that the cleanser can remove make up. After washing my face with warm water, skin was visibly brighter and cleaned. Best of all, moisture was not stripped off and I got Bret to touch my skin. His comment, “Soft!”

I went on to read up on my new organic cleanser and there is a proper way of cleansing. You can even find live facial demos on youtube. So for now, I think I can delay on Clarisonic brush. As there is gentle exfoliating effects from Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser which is important. Exfoliation removed dead skin cells from facial skin and you need that to fight anti-aging.

To buy Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser, visit website here to purchase or leave a comment if you would like to find out more. I am not a distributor nor am I one who get paid for reviews. Just blogging my experience with awesome products that work for me.

Now that I am in my 30s and busier, I like simple skincare routine with desirable outcome.  At this moment, I only have 2-steps night daily skincare routine.

Step 1: Cleansing with Luminese Youth Restoring Cleanser

Step 2: All-in-One Skincare with Maione Youth Original Essence

For day, I will add SPF and Tinted Moisturiser for casual day out.

Bret and I just had breakfast at Toast Box before he went to work. The runny, soft-boiled eggs were cold and for the first time, I couldn’t finish the eggs. Only had a sip and thats was it. Back at my home office, I decided to blog this entry and time to head back to work.

Good day ahead~

Leia Home Art Class – 2nd week Jul 2015

Leia looks forward to every monday evening home art class with 5 other children. She gets to see Levonne, Geron & her new friends. Art Class was initiated by Peony and her friend. Primary reason was to let children have fun as they develop the benefits of art in a small group setting at a her friend’s place.

While the children have an hour of art class, Bret and I would have dinner with Peony and Glenn. Social time for adults.


This evening its her 2nd class in Pre-Primary Course. Teacher Tan told us for the initial stage, she builds confidence in children. This helps to express their perceptions, inventions with crayons and paint. And tonight’s theme was “birds”. Leia’s expression of birds and green.


According to teacher, parents are encouraged to keep the art pieces to view the coming months progress. At home we do arts and crafts too…but well, since there is an opportunity for her to attend art class with her friends, I agreed. Leia is happy with our decision. She loves most when she gets to play with her friends after art class.

Information about Hooray! Home Art Lesson

Home art class brings creativity, fun and friendships together.

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura

My previous L’Genere Egg CC cushion has finished. By chance, I stepped into the loveliest beauty store Etude House. Everything in the store was so pretty and I went home with new BB Cushion with Pearl Aura.

In this limited edition pack, an additional special cushion is given.


The helpful beauty assistant reccomended the lightest shade for my skin.


Pictures from Beaute Procelain

Inspired by Korean actresses in the dramas, I wanted the dewy glow on my skin and I found my solution. However, the shade might be too bright at first application. I received remarks from my sis and Bret like, “Why so white?” So its better to go for the darker shade.

After couple of hours, the shade looked more settled with my natural skin tone. Pearl finish was lasting.

What I love most:

  • SPF50
  • Moisturising, Dewy finish on dry skin
  • Lightweight, Airy
  • Least messiest among the BB/CC Cushion
  • Affordable price

What I did not like:

  • At first application, the shade was too bright and that could be due to high SPF and pearl aura.
  • Low to medium coverage, not reccomended for skin that requires good coverage.
  • Oxidises hence needs occassional touch up for dark circles or troubled spot

Etude House is owned by leading cosmetic company, Amore Pacific who also owns Laneige, Sulwhasoo and innisfree.

Maione Youth Original Essence

Few months ago, I was introduced a miracle skincare. My friend told me to google this product, Maione and I watched the taiwanese video clip on my own.

It is a skincare spray that replaces toner, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. Suitable for me as I am rarely diligent in fulfilling all my skincare routine. 

This product can only be bought through distributors and maione websites available online are owned by distributors. Through my friend, I had a trial before purchasing this awesome skincare. After the demo, I bought one bottle to try.


Currently, I’m on my 3rd bottle.

What I love most:

  • All-in-one skincare. Now, I only need to buy cleanser and BB cushion for sunscreen.
  • Hassle free, you only need to spray and let the essence absorb into skin
  • Instant lifting effect, amazing result on eye lids and eye bags
  • Anti-aging miracle
  • Can be used on body as well to combat water retention
  • Breast enhancement and firming through stimulation of collagen

What I did not like:

  • Maybe price

For interested buyer, please visit this link here and quote ‘Love and Lights Reader” for a free demo before the purchase. See the Before/After effects and then decide 🙂

Picture from Fionev and do read her detailed review.

iScream for Dessert

Had cravings for ice cream on waffle so we made a trip to IScream after our seafood bbq dinner at Bedok 85. The last time we passed by, the ice cream parlour was crowded. This time, we were early.


From their facebook,

“Initiated by the same people responsible for the highly successful Arteastiq Boutique Tea House at Mandarin Gallery, I Scream replicates the quality of an artisanal gelato purveyor, while maintaining an affordable pricing in a cozy and comfortable setting.”

We were indeed intrigued by the design of the ice cream parlour. Very inviting. Spotted a revolving ice cream display. An eye opener but… was it necessary?


Pictures from Hannah Chia

On the whole, a cozy place to indulge in Gelato and we were glad to order waffle. Love the smell of waffle lingering the air. Leia sniffed with delight. Great compliments to the boy who served us. He was sincere and customer-oriented 🙂

89 Bedok North Ave 4 #01-109
Singapore 460089
Operating Hours: 12pm to 12am Daily
Tel: (+65) 6445 5739

I am tempted to get a waffle and ice cream maker.

Harry’s with his BFF

We had drinks with Bret’s buddy, Hongda again. Harry’s… I suppose it’s going to be a regular place for the boys and me. They would talk about anything. On and off they would burst into sudden laughters at some silly thoughts. Boys …


Finger food is always a good idea. Looking at the menu, Chicken Wings was my choice and Hongda ordered fries. Food was beautifully presented.


Pictures from Make Your Calories Count

Fried chicken wings and beer speaks korean style.

We did a short recap of our times as kids… buying packet drinks and tibits to hang out at void deck. Now, we have grown up into working adults drinking at Harry’s enjoying several rounds of beer and chic finger food.

Time changed us but still… somethings in our friendship never change. Three of us aspire to chill out overseas someday. I believe this day will come.

All we have to decide is what to do with time that is given to us.” – J.K.K Tolkien

Mookata at Bugish Junction

Weekday late lunch with Terence and Beelian. Randomly, we picked Mookata. The lunch set is going at $21++ for 2, so why not?

Unlike other mookata, there is no need to cook the lard yet everything we cook still as tasty. The broth .. in my opinion, is the best.


Picture source and food review from Daniel Food Diary

Everytime I walked out of mookata, I felt the need to rush home and bathe. My love-and-hate relationship with yummy barbeque.

Bugis Junction #02-53 (near Yoogane and Danro), 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021 (Bugis MRT)
Tel: +65 6344 2985
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm (last order)

Other Outlets:
103 East Coast Road Singapore 428797 Tel: +65 6344 2985
81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-04 Singapore 769198