Family Day 2015

It was our first family day organised by school. Venue was east coast park. We were assigned green house colour and was told to bring a picnic mat and pot luck. 


Best Friend brought an extra picnic mat for us. Leia began to play with her friends.


Under the sorching hot sun, the kids ran and played.


When it was time for the children to assemble for song item, we felt enormous heat and glare from the fierce sun.


Parents were busy taking videos and pictures.


So was I… but towards the end of the song.. Leia didn’t feel well. Teacher Penny quickly carried her to the side and hugged her throughout till her lips turned pink again.

We had teacher Amberline, Lena & parents who came to our assistance. Genuine concern and unconditional help from parents who had medical knowledge. He checked on Leia & advised that its likely due to indigestion and running around under the sun.

Best friend B stayed by our side too. Bret and I are deeply thankful to the teachers & parents who came forward to help us. Mindchamps have great teachers & parents too.

We took Leia to see the doctor and she was well again after several sips of 100 Plus.

After shower, my girl at home having wanton noodle.


Leia told me she does not want to go the family day again. I explained to her that its because of the hot and too much running around.

She understood and we look forward to next event organised by the school. One thing for sure, we will be cautious about the sun and running after food.

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