BBQ Gathering with Cousins

Cousins are special people in our life. More than Friends, Less than Siblings. My eldest cousin, Iris booked a bbq pit at Ascentia Sky.

Stunning city view at level 45, there was a cozy area great for young children. Cousin Evan and I brought toys to keep young & energetic entertained..although they preferred moving around the entire compound.


Leia likes 4 yr old Isabella. On the left, we have 13 month old Clarrisa. She is such a cutie charm and we witnessed the sisterly love they have for each other.


At the bbq pit, I was there with Cousin Eric & Jesslyn. This photo was taken by Cousin Evan.


The spread was sumptuous. Scallops with Garlic & Cheese topped the list. We had 2kg of marinated beef & more meat. Chicken mid-joints were marinated by Cousin Adeline, delicious. We like the mushrooms too.


Lemongrass turned butter brush. Great idea from Cousin Iris. She made sure everyone ate till we surrender with both hands up. Bret and I were thankful to have Iris & her in-laws for preparing the food.

Finally, the birthday cakes & song for Iris’s hubby, John. Children happiest.


Happy Birthday John! May all your wishes come true.

Returned home, Bret reminded me to send a thank you text to Cousin Iris for everything and making “Chew Family” cousin gathering a happening night.

Iris hopes that we can have more cousins meet ups. For sure 🙂

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