Young Living Essential Oil: Peppermint

Last evening, Leia had a rising temperature. She was still bubbly playing her toys but when we touched her, she felt really warm. We took Kool Fever Pad out from the fridge. As usual, she was paranoid about sticking the icy pad on her skin. Bret and I had to wait for her to sleep before we can apply Kool Fever on her back.

Kool Fever Pad helps to bring down the temperature however Paracetamol is still needed to reduce fever. I didn’t like that we had to struggle our way to apply the cooling pads & also, making sure we feed the medication round the clock.

The thing about medication, there is expiry date. When necessary, we need to go to the doctor or pharmacy to replenish.

Through a very caring & helpful friend, I found something magical. Young Living Essential Oil, my friend is totally into it. She sent me lots of information about how essential oils can help different conditions. Having an open mind, I bought Peppermint & Thieves 2-3 months ago.

Photo from Pure and Lasting


And all these months, both essential oils were seating on my shelves looking redundant until…Leia’s fever came. Bret mentioned paracetamol but my motherly instinct kicked in. I diluted the 2 drops of peppermint essential oil with baby oil. Then I applied onto Leia’s soles. Since my hands were still oily, I gently massaged her spine bringing comfort & relaxation to my little girl.

After I finished massaging Leia, the fever was gone! I was amazed & glad that I bought the essential oil thats so pure for ingest & infants. I read up on the Peppermint & discovered that it dispels bugs too. The next time Leia complained about itch caused by insect bite, I know what to apply. The peppermint sensation should have positive effects.

Medicine vs Young Living Essential Oil. Without a doubt, I would choose the latter. And not just any essential oil. I personally feel it is important to use products from a trusted brand.

Do google about the brand to learn more. My friend encouraged me to apply Thieves Essential Oil on Leia’s soles everyday to boost her immune system. She doesn’t like the smell, so do I…We are good with Peppermint. At present, I intend to use the essential oils only when needed.

I am not a distributor, just sharing my experience with Young Living Essential Oil.

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