Mother’s Day 2015

On Friday, Leia returned from an excursion to Sea Aquarium, Sentosa. Her gandma and me could see that she had a fun time with her friends. She told us she saw “Hammerhead Shark!”

After answering our questions about her day, she took out a craft she did in school & hugged me “Mummy, I love you”


Beautiful Mother’s Day Craft from school.


Love you too Leia.

Holding her little hand, hearing how she reasoned like an adult brings us amusement. We can still remember the memorable times of having her in my stomach. As I approached the last trimester, Bret and I were so curious about how our girl will look like and the things she would say to us… now, she stands before us talking & teasing us. 

Being a mother lets you know all the strength you didn’t know you had and dealing with fear you didn’t know existed.” – Linda Wooten

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